Slimming World Update – Week Two

So, my second week of Slimming World went okay, I guess. I struggled this week, due to Rory’s 16-week vaccinations which meant we had a few sleepless nights! I don’t really have much to update on this week but I do have a little tip which I found interesting, so I will share that.

I’ll just get straight into the details as I’m sure you all want to know how I did this week.

So, how did I do?

1.5 lbs off. 5lbs in total.

Did I do anything different?

No. I was super bloated though as Star week decided to show up two days before weigh in, argh! I did weigh myself at home before and I had lost 3lbs in total, but due to the bloating and water retention, I only lost 1.5lbs. Hopefully, I can lose more next week!

My top tip

This week, on Sunday, I did a roast dinner for us as I figured it’s the easiest way to get some speed food in. After looking for some ideas online, I found something called a singing swede which involves buying a swede, putting it in the microwave for 15 minutes and chopping the top off, scooping out the insides and then it’s ready to eat! I was apprehensive and thought I’d blow up the microwave but it worked! It definitely saved peeling, chopping and steaming the swede which can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes – plus chopping swede/turnip is really difficult, I find.

It didn’t taste weird at all and it was perfectly cooked, well… We bought a larger one so a bit was undercooked but if I bought a smaller one it would’ve worked!

I also found, even with the tough nights I still ate on plan due to the freezer stash I have. Meal prepping is definitely something I will continue to do!

My plans for the week ahead

This week, I plan to eat more fruits and veggies, maybe buy some muller lights! The thing I struggle with the most is snacking, I always want to snack while typing away at the computer, such a bad habit.

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