Slimming World Update – Week Three

My third week of Slimming World went a lot better as I was able to stick 100% on plan and even treat myself to a takeaway. In the past, I never bothered checking syns in takeaway foods, this time I made the effort and it paid off.

This week really revolved around coffee and lots of it. I’ve been working on revamping my blog, relaunching and had a few busy days. I’ve enjoyed the flexibility of grabbing two Alpen Light bars and then using my HeA (250ml Semi-Skimmed milk) on coffee.

So, how did I do?

3lbs off. 8lbs in total.
Meaning I got my half stone award and I also got slimmer of the week!

Did I do anything different this week?

Yes, I used more Syns! I really missed cheese and I figured, if I have the syns, why not use them. I’ve been having 30g grated cheese as my HeA and then using 6 syns some days, to have another 30g. I’ve also been enjoying my coffee every night, which I will tell you about below.

I also treated myself to a Chinese takeaway at the weekend, I normally get a Chow Mein and I’m sure when I did SW before it was only 7-8 syns but when I checked it was 24! I had another look in my book and the app and I decided on a Chicken Chop Suey, 350g for 9.5 syns and some boiled rice, free.

Week Three Coffee

My ‘Synful’ Treat

This week, I’ve really enjoyed having a nicer coffee. When I was in town last, I popped into Poundworld as I normally buy my Alpen Lights from there and I spotted this coffee. It’s 3.5 syns for two scoops (which makes one coffee) and it’s just nice to wind down on a night with a hot drink now that it’s getting colder.

My plans for the week ahead

I’ve realized I’m not drinking as much water as I should be, I maybe have one or two glasses a day (oops!) so I’m going to try drinking more. I hope that drinking more water will boost my weight loss too and maybe stop me snacking so much.

Other than that, I’m sticking to my meal prep plan I talked about in my first update. In my next post, I will be changing the menu up a little so I’ll be talking about that in more depth next week!

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