Slimming World Update – Week Six – Off Plan!

So, this weeks update is going to be short and sweet. I’ve not really been on plan for two weeks now, not 100% anyway. Ever since we were all ill, I’ve struggled to get back to plan! Even with all of my meal prep, I’ve still been having off-plan days.

The meal prep has helped, as the majority of my main meals have been slimming world friendly. My snacking has been a problem, I always struggle this time of year, too many sweeties!

Another change this week is, I’m now doing slimming world from home, rather than going into a group. I think I’d rather save the £20 a month and use it towards our wedding next year, plus I find it’s less pressure (which can be a blessing and a curse).

So how did I do?

-8.5lbs in total.

My plan for the week ahead

I’m hoping to keep my main meals slimming world friendly, treat myself a little bit but not as much as I have been. I also need to increase my speed foods again, as I’ve really cut those down which isn’t helping me one bit.

Every time I’ve done slimming world at home I’ve not done my best. This time I’m more active and I think I’ll find it easier to manage. I’ve also never done meal prepping before in my previous SW attempts so I’m hoping this will help me stay on plan more too.

Things I’m looking forward to

As I’ve said, this time of the year is when I struggle, but there’s one bonus to winter – lots of cooked dinners! That’s definitely one way to increase speed food, lots of veggies. I have to admit I’m looking forward to Christmas dinner, it’s amazing.

Home-cooked food, it’s just comforting, warming and there’s plenty of things I can make that are SW friendly. Stews, soups, roast dinners – so comforting.

So there’s my week six update, not much has gone on really, I just hope I can get back on plan soon.

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