Slimming World Update – Week Four

This week marks the fourth week of my Slimming World journey, not much happened this week and I’ve been struggling a little so I haven’t done as well as I hoped but I still got a loss! I’ve been quite tired as I’ve got a cold, so one day I didn’t eat much at all. I’ve also been missing out on my healthy extras, I just haven’t been doing things 100%…

So, how did I do?

1.5lbs off – 9.5 in total.

Favourite meal/snack of the week

I’ve been struggling to find things I want to snack on, but I remembered seafood sticks are free! I’ve been grabbing a couple anytime I was a little bit peckish. I’ve also been having Chicken mug shots for my lunch as they are filling and easy to grab quickly, as I’ve been really busy with a poorly, teething baby!

Synful Treat

This week my Synful treat has been Chewits! 5.5 syns for a full tube, or 0.5 syn per sweetie. I’ve been enjoying the ice cream flavour, but I believe all varieties are 5.5/0.5 syns. I like them because they are quite chewy so they last longer than a chocolate bar for example, so it feels like I’m constantly eating sweets!

My plan for the week ahead

I’m hoping I can get back to normality, I’m going shopping on Thursday and will be meal prepping on Friday. I have a few new meal ideas for next week! The meals I have planned so far are:
Prawn Curry,
Spaghetti Bolognese,
Tuna Pasta Salad,
BBQ Pulled Chicken.

Other than that I haven’t got any more planned, as you can see some of this month’s meals are staying, as they are easy to prepare and really filling! I’m going to be attempting to make a prawn curry, bulked out with speed food to keep me on plan.

I also need to get some more speed food into my diet as I’ve really not had much this week and I think that explains the 1.5lb loss compared to my other losses!

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