Slimming World Update – Week Five – Meal Prep

This week my Slimming World Update is going to be a different, as I’ve skipped weigh in this week. We’ve all been hit with the flu! So this week, I’ll be talking about how I meal prep. I’ll be talking about what recipes I use. Including my must-haves and how I manage to keep it all under £150 for a month’s worth of shopping.

Monthly Menu

Since I began slimming world, I’ve been prepping our meals and freezing them thus enabling me to stay on plan no matter what. This is December’s menu:

Prawn/Veg Curry,
Tuna Pasta,
Spaghetti Bolognese,
Italian Meatballs & Spaghetti,
Picnic/Picky Tea (SW Quiche)
Leek & Potato Soup
BBQ Pulled Chicken

We stick with these seven meals all month and just rotate them on different days, it seems to work for us. If we know we are going to be busy, we can put things in the slow cooker like the BBQ pulled chicken. Then all we have to do on an evening is cook the rice.

SW Meal Prep - Marinara

Meal Prep Recipes

Some of the recipes I use are just from the Slimming World Recipe, but I double or triple the quantities.

BBQ Gammon (I use chicken)
Leek & Potato Soup
Best Ever Bolognese
Tuna Pasta Salad
Speedy Quiche

Some things I don’t use recipes for, as I have my own…

The marinara sauce contains passata, Italian mixed herbs, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. All I do is add everything to a pan and simmer down for 30 minutes before portioning out into tubs.

For the Prawn/Veg curry, I put tins of tomatoes, potato, spinach, peppers, onion, carrot, celery, medium curry powder, salt and pepper into a pan. Once again leaving it to simmer away for about 30-40 minutes then portioning out.

When it comes to the Picnic/Picky tea, I make SW Quiche for myself while my fiance can have something non-SW as he isn’t doing SW too. This allows us to have a bit of flexibility and variety for him.

First of all, for my meatballs, I add this mince mix from Morrisons (I know it isn’t SW friendly, I drain the fat off before adding in the sauce!) into a bowl, one egg, Italian mixed herbs, salt, pepper and garlic powder, before combining into meatballs (30g each). This way I end up with around 50 meatballs as I use two packs of mince each time.

Also, I never add the meat or fish into meals that are being frozen, I just do the sauce separately then I add them fresh on the day. I’m a little wary about reheating meat!

How do I do it?!

I spend about two days per month on shopping and meal prep. For the bulk of my shopping, I go to Aldi because the passata and tomatoes which make up most of the recipe bases are cheap and taste lovely. In addition, I go to Morrisons for all of my meat as I prefer it, plus I adore the Bolognese mixed mince.

This month, I prepped at least 4 portions of everything, some things I got 5-6 of such as the veg curry and Bolognese sauce and it only cost us about £120 for all of our shopping – which also included some non-SW things like nappies and some household items.

I’ve found meal prepping to be the best for saving money while helping me eat healthily.

Meal Prep Must Haves

Morrisons – Mince
A fab mixture of beef and pork mince, which adds a nice texture and flavour to my Bolognese and meatballs. I know it isn’t the 5% mince, but I just fry it off and drain all of the fat off and wipe my pan clean before adding my sauce.

ASDA Veg Base Mix
I buy about 5 bags and one bag goes in my bolognese, one in the veg curry and the other bags I keep for adding into meals on the day. I go through about two bags in making my SW quiche throughout the month.

So there you have it, that is how I meal prep for the month while being 100% on plan. Most of all, I save money doing it and it’s brilliant! I do have days where I almost go off plan and order a takeaway but I find it happens less now.

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