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How to plan a wedding on a budget – our wedding

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I recently shared a photo of our wedding day! I also said in that post, that we planned our wedding on a budget and I had a few people interested in how we did it. So here you go!

I’ll start off by explaining some things first, as these may not apply to you/your wedding plans. We don’t have a huge family, so that was easy in regards to keeping the number of guests lower for us. We always wanted a small, no frills type of wedding as it was just about us, celebrating our love and making a commitment to each other. Another thing, a lot of our family don’t get on, so inviting everyone would’ve been a lot of extra stress that we didn’t particularly want on our wedding day.


As we were only planning on inviting a handful of people to the wedding, we decided against booking a more expensive venue and just booked our local registry office. Prices will vary depending on your area and what day/time you get married but for us, a Friday morning wedding in our registry office was £50.

We also had to pay £70 on top of that, at least a month before the wedding to give our notice of intention. Giving notice at your local registry office involves displaying your name and where you intend on getting married on a notice board. This is where anyone can view it and report any issues (if any) such as already being married etc.

Total so far: £120.


Now, this is all down to you. If you want a fresh bouquet on the day that will set you back a lot more than having a fake one. I personally went for a fake bouquet as my mum had a fake one for her wedding that she was able to keep and display as a memory of the day.

When making my bouquet, I decided on Peonies and Roses as they are my favorite flowers and I purchased the fake flowers from Wilko! They were affordable and brilliant quality for the price. The bunch of peonies set me back £5 and the roses were about £2.50-£3 (I can’t find the red roses from Wilko online, sorry!).

I also purchased some artificial feather stem grass to place within the flowers which was only £1.25, plus red ribbon to wrap around the flower stems and neaten everything up.

Total so far: £132.

The Dress

Ahhh, the dress. This was a difficult one for me, I’d always wanted a princess wedding gown (think: Hilary Duff’s dress in A Cinderella Story!) but with us having a small wedding in the registry office I felt it would’ve been too much.

At first, I’d purchased a white lace skater dress but then decided I wanted something a little bit nicer, after all, it is my wedding day! In the end I decided on this simple, but beautiful dress which was only £35! I had so many compliments on it when we went out afterward and my friends/family couldn’t believe I only paid £35 for it. The quality was fab, it fit me perfectly and I felt so comfortable in it.

I’m 5’4 and I needed to wear heels with it and it still trailed on the floor a bit so I was constantly carrying it, so if you’re shorter than me I probably wouldn’t recommend it. Other than that I’d definitely say it was a bargain and well worth a purchase.

Total so far: £167

Hair and Makeup

My hair and makeup I did myself, so I can’t really add any cost to the total for that as I used products I already had in. I did go to the hairdressers the day before and get it cut as it was definitely needed, that was £25. I could do a post on what I used make-up wise if anyone is interested?

Total so far: £192

After Party

For the after party/meal, we decided to go to a local hotel (by local, I mean it was around the corner from the registry office!) for a few drinks before going to our favourite Italian restaurant for a meal. All in all the meal and drinks before ended up costing us about £60? I wasn’t keeping track too closely at this point! I thought I’d feel really uncomfortable walking around our local town wearing my dress but, to be honest, I found it quite liberating as this was the one day I really needed to just let my hair down and enjoy myself.

After the meal, we all decided to go for a few drinks at a pub (I did say we wanted a really chilled casual wedding!) and then moved onto a cocktail bar which was amazing. We then basically bar hopped all evening until we got tired which was around midnight, so we left and ordered a takeaway when we got home (classy).

I’m going to estimate the meal, drinks and travel on the day ended up adding around £150 to the total as I wasn’t keeping track fully, so this is just an estimate!

Total: £350 (roughly!)

I can honestly say, while this may not sound like everyone’s cup of tea – I loved it. I wouldn’t change it one bit. I’d had the most fun I’d had in a long time, I married my best friend and I let my hair down which I desperately needed after the horrid start to the year. It didn’t feel like we had planned it on a tight budget and I honestly don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it as much if we had a big wedding costing us £1000+

So there you have it, this was just how we did it and some tips on how to save a little bit here and there. Your wedding day is what you make it – if you want an extravagant wedding then great! If you’re doing one on a budget, I hope this has helped you get some ideas. Enjoy your day!