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Black Friday Haul – Cult Beauty & Tam Beauty

I normally don’t do anything for Black Friday, but this time I decided to treat myself. As I haven’t ever ordered from Cult Beauty or TAM Beauty before, I wasn’t sure what to pick! I haven’t purchased any new makeup in a while so I feel like I’ve been missing out.

Tam Beauty

I’ve heard a lot about the I Heart Makeup I Love Chocolate palettes. Some of them are meant to be dupes for ABH or Too Faced, so I figured I’d try some for myself.

Vice Chocolate

I Heart Makeup I ♥ Chocolate – Vice | £7.99 HERE

I’m not sure what palette Vice is a dupe for, But I loved the shades anyway. The palette has a beautiful mix of peachy shades and some really good neutral/brown shades. Perfect for everyday wear but easy to glam up your look for the night too. As it was Black Friday, I got this for £4.00 rather than £7.99! First impressions, the shimmer shades are insanely pigmented and the matte shades are just as vibrant.

Peach Chocolate

I Heart Makeup I ♥ Chocolate and Peaches | £7.99 HERE

Now, I know this palette is well-known as a dupe for the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, which I’ve never tried. I’m really interested in trying this, as I don’t have the Too Faced palette and I don’t wear enough makeup to justify spending a fortune on it right now. The matte and shimmer shades are again, really pigmented and easy to blend. I also managed to snap this up for £5.59 on BF.

Rose Gold

I Heart Makeup I ♥ Chocolate – Rose Gold | £8.99 HERE

The first thing that got me into this palette, is the rose gold melted chocolate drip, it’s amazing. I also found out it’s a dupe for the new Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette which retails for around £56! So for £8.99, I had to give this a go, it wasn’t on sale but I just couldn’t resist. I absolutely adore this, I think it’s my favourite! The eyeshadows are so so pigmented, more so than the other palettes and it also has foiled eyeshadows which are beautiful.

Cult Beauty

The Ordinary

I’ve had my eye on The Ordinary, as a brand in general as I’ve heard good things. Also, have you seen the packaging? It’s very ‘Beauty Blogger’ isn’t it? Cult Beauty had 15% off a £20 spend, so that was very tempting.

I decided to get the High-Spreadability Fluid Primer, which retails for £5.50, not bad at all. They claim it’s “perfect for avoiding uneven accumulation of pigment around the eyes and on dry skin” and as someone who has dry skin, it really does sound perfect.

I’m also on the hunt for a new foundation, as I have dry skin I really struggle to find one that suits me. Most foundations look cakey or separate around my nose and settle into any lines or pores I have, making them look worse.

I went for the Coverage Foundation in 1.0 NS Very Fair which retails for £5.90 and also the Serum Foundation in 1.1 N Fair which retails for £5.70. As I wasn’t sure which formula would be better for me, I decided to try both. I have used both by doing a side-by-side comparison and the shades didn’t look majorly different and both match me perfectly.

I feel like the coverage on the coverage foundation is medium, not heavy. It’s easy to blend and it didn’t look cakey on me – which was a shock. The Serum Foundation is easy to blend too, the coverage is light though, so I may try two layers next time. I think I’ve finally found some foundation that works for my skin.

So there you have it, that’s what I purchased on Black Friday. Did you order anything? Tweet Me and let me know!

Also, if you have any product recommendations, I’d love to hear about them.