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How to plan a wedding on a budget – our wedding

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I recently shared a photo of our wedding day! I also said in that post, that we planned our wedding on a budget and I had a few people interested in how we did it. So here you go! I’ll start off by explaining some things first, as these may not apply to you/your wedding plans. We don’t have a huge family, so that was easy in regards to keeping the number of guests lower for us. We always wanted a small, no frills type of  ...

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My Miscarriage Story – Misoprostol and D&C

Disclaimer: I’ve had this post in my drafts for a few months now, I’m sorry if it makes no sense, or seems like I’m rambling. This was difficult to write about. This was my experience with Misoprostol, it does not mean yours will be the same. I’m wanting to share this in the hopes of helping others going through a tough time, you are not alone. I also will be going into detail so if you are sensitive to these topics, please don’t read any further. I do not want  ...

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Baby Weaning – Haul & Freebies

As Rory is almost 6 months old, this means he will be weaning shortly. So I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve bought as well as some freebies. I will start this by saying I’m not a health professional, so please, discuss any plans for feeding your baby with a health visitor or midwife. These are just the things I have bought and my plans for feeding Rory, as discussed with my health visitor.

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