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December 2017


Baby Weaning – Haul & Freebies

As Rory is almost 6 months old, this means he will be weaning shortly. So I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve bought as well as some freebies. I will start this by saying I’m not a health professional, so please, discuss any plans for feeding your baby with a health visitor or midwife. These are just the things I have bought and my plans for feeding Rory, as discussed with my health visitor.

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Slimming World Update – Week Six – Off Plan!

So, this weeks update is going to be short and sweet. I’ve not really been on plan for two weeks now, not 100% anyway. Ever since we were all ill, I’ve struggled to get back to plan! Even with all of my meal prep, I’ve still been having off-plan days. The meal prep has helped, as the majority of my main meals have been slimming world friendly. My snacking has been a problem, I always struggle this time of year, too many sweeties!

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